In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to convert a CSV file to PDF using the connector for Power Automate Cloud. Here, we’ll use the custom connector.

Let’s begin with creating a new “Instant cloud flow”.

Next, we’ll name a flow and select the trigger as “Manually trigger a flow”.

Add a new step and select the “PDFco” operation from the Custom tag. It’ll list all operations by Here, select the “PDF from XLS or CSV” action. This action is capable of converting either CSV or spreadsheet files to PDF.

The next step is to configure the action parameters. Let’s fill the URL parameter and proceed with the next step.

Okay, In the next step we’ll configure a new email notification action. Let’s select the output PDF URL from the previous step and use it in the body.

After everything is configured, we’ll proceed with testing and invoking this flow. Finally, we’ll have an automated email containing the resulting URL.

Upon opening this URL, we’ll see the output PDF file.

That’s how easy it is to convert a CSV file to PDF using the Power Automate plugin. Thank you!