Convert an Article from Pocket into PDF – Step-by-Step-Guide

  1. Create a Zap
  2. Select Pocket App
  3. New archived Item
  4. Pocket Account
  5. Test Trigger
  6. New archived Item
  7. Select App
  8. Anything to PDF Converter
  9. Configuration
  10. Test and Review
  11. Dropbox App
  12. Upload a File
  13. Connect Dropbox Account
  14. Dropbox Configuration
  15. Dropbox Test and Review
  16. Source File Output

In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert an article from Pocket into PDF using and Zapier. Here is the sample file that we will use.

Sample Source File
Sample Source File

Step 1: Create a Zap

First, click on create a zap button to Make a Zap.

Step 2: Select Pocket App

Then, select the Pocket app for the App Event.
Pocket App

Step 3: New Archived Item

For the Trigger Event field, choose the New Archived Item. This will trigger the Zap to run every it finds a newly archived item.
New Archived Item

Step 4: Pocket Account

Now, connect your Pocket account to perform the zap.
Pocket Account

Step 5: Test Trigger

Let’s click on the Test the Trigger button to make sure there are no errors in the setup.
Test Trigger

Step 6: Select App

Now, let’s add another action and select the app for the App Event. App

Step 7: Anything to PDF Converter

Under the app, select the Anything to PDF Converter to convert the Pocket file into PDF.
Anything To PDF Converter

Step 8: Connect Account

Now, let’s connect your account to trigger the zap.
Connect Account

Step 9: Configuration

Let’s set up the account.

  • In the Input Type field, select the Link to a web page.
  • For the Input field, choose the Resolved URL from Pocket.
  • Under the Name field, enter your desired output file name. Configuration

Step Test and Review

Now, let’s send the file to to test and review.
Test And Review

Step 11: Dropbox App

This step is optional. In this step, we will set up the Dropbox to store our output PDF.
Dropbox App

Step 12: Upload a File

Under the Dropbox app, select the Upload File Action Event.
Upload a File

Step 13: Connect Dropbox Account

Let’s connect our Dropbox account where we want to store the file.
Connect Dropbox Account

Step 14: Dropbox Configuration

Now, let’s configure Dropbox.

  • In the Folder field, input the folder where you want to save the file.
  • For the File field, select the output URL generated by
  • In the Overwrite field, let’s leave it to the default No.

Dropbox Configuration

Step 15:Dropbox Test Result

Let’s send the configuration to Dropbox to make sure that we set it up correctly.
Dropbox Test Result

Step 16:Source File Output

Great! Our test was successful. This is the Source File Output that we successfully run.

Source File Output
Source File Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to set up Pocket to trigger a Zap every time an item is archived. You learned how to convert the archived article from Pocket into PDF using You also learned how to automatically store the output PDF file to Dropbox.

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