How to Parse the Invoice Attachment of Zendesk Ticket using and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can parse a Zendesk ticket PDF attachment using Zapier integration and Document Parser. We will use this sample PDF Invoice as an attachment to our Zendesk ticket.

Zendesk Ticket PDF Invoice Attachment
Screenshot of Zendesk Ticket PDF Invoice Attachment

Step 1: Open Zendesk and Select “New Ticket”

First, choose Zendesk as the App and New Ticket as the Trigger Event.

Setup New Ticket Zendesk Trigger

Step 2: Select “Unassigned Tickets”

Next, let’s select Unassigned tickets View to find all incoming tickets.

Choose Trigger's Zendesk View

Step 3: Test the Trigger

Then, let’s test the trigger to see if our account is configured correctly.

Test Zendesk Trigger

Great! The test returned a new ticket in Zendesk.

Found New Ticket In Zendesk

Step 4: Use Document Parser

We are now ready to set up Let’s choose as the App and the Document Parser as the Action Event.

Set Document Parser As Action Event

Step 5: Configure the Document Parser

Step 6: Test & Review

Kindly click on Test & Review button to send our data to

Configure Document Parser Action

Fantastic! We have successfully parsed the Zendesk ticket PDF Invoice attachment.

Parsed PDF Invoice Attachment Result
Screenshot of parsed PDF Invoice Attachment Result

In this tutorial, we learned how to get the Zendesk ticket PDF attachment. And, we learned how to use Document Parser to parse the data in the PDF Invoice attachment.