Merge PDFs, Images, Documents into a Single File in PHP using Web API

Merging PDFs, images, and documents into a single file can be beneficial for better organization and easier access to information. It makes it easier to locate, use and share files as well as save space.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to merge PDFs, images, and documents into a single file in PHP using Web API.

Step 1: Check the Source Code

To begin, let’s copy the HTML and the PHP source code. Save it in a folder inside the /www or /htdocs directory depending on whether you are using XAMPP or WampServer.

Saving the HTML and PHP source code

Step 2: Start Apache

Next, let’s start the Apache server so we can run the program on our local machine.

Step 3: Run the Program

Now, let’s run our program. Type in localhost/folder_name/sample.html in your browser. Then, enter your API Key and the files to merge. You can get your API Key in the dashboard.

Running the sample program

NOTE: You can get a copy of our sample files on GitHub.

Step 4: Analyze the Merged Files Output will return a temporary URL to access the merged files. Kindly open the URL to see the result.

Merge result URL

In this tutorial, you learned how to merge PDFs, images, and documents in PHP using Web API. You also learned how easy it is to set up the code samples to get your program running right away.

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