How to Automatically Add a Stamp to PDF with using Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to automatically add a stamp to a PDF document using PDF Filler in In our sample invoice, we will stamp a semitransparent ByteScout logo in the middle of the page.

Screenshot of Source PDF file
Screenshot of Source PDF file

Step 1: Open and Select PDF Filler

On the Zapier action step, choose as the App and PDF Filler as the Action Event. PDF Filler Action Event creates new PDF, fills PDF forms, creates PDF forms, uses and adds text, images, links, and checkboxes to new PDF and existing PDF documents.

PDF Filler Zapier Action

Step 2: Configure the PDF Filler with the Data

  • In the Source PDF, enter the PDF file. In our case, we will enter the sample invoice link. When you leave the Source PDF field empty, it will create a new PDF that is blank.
  • In the Image field, enter the x coordinate; y coordinate; page number or range; and the logo URL.
  • In the Output PDF Name field, enter your desired PDF output name.
Configure PDF Filler

Step 3: Test & Review

We are now ready to send PDF Filler to to Test & Review our data.

Test & Review our data

Step 4: Copy & Paste URL to Browser to View Output

The test was a success! Copy and paste the URL in your browser to see the result.

A successful test of PDF Filler

Fantastic! We have successfully stamped the sample invoice with our ByteScout logo.

Screenshot of Output PDF file
Screenshot of Output PDF file

You can set up the next step to save the generated file in Google Drive or Dropbox depending on your requirements.

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