Rename PDF using and Zapier – Detailed Guide

  1. Make a Zap
  2. Select App
  3. Select PDF Filler
  4. Connect Account
  5. PDF Filler Configuration
  6. Test and Review
  7. Test Result
  8. Source File Output
  9. Video Guide

In this tutorial, we prepared a step-by-step guide on how to rename PDF using and Zapier. Below is the screenshot of our sample document.


Sample Source File
Sample Source File


Step 1: Make a Zap

First, click on the Make a Zap button to create a zap.

Step 2: Select App

Next, select the app for the App Event. App

Step 3: Select PDF Filler

Under the app, select the PDF Filler to rename the PDF.

PDF Filler

Step 4: Connect Account

Now, let’s connect our account to perform the zap.

Connect Account

Step 5: PDF Filler Configuration

Let’s set up the PDF Filler action.

  • In the Source File field, input the link of the PDF that you’d like to rename.
  • In the Text Objects field, input the 0;0;0;; this is a dummy data that we will add in the PDF to rename the text.
  • For the Output PDF Name , input the new name of your PDF.

PDF Filler Configuration

Step 6: Test and Review

Now, we can Test and Review our file to make sure there are no errors.

 Test and Review

Step 7: Test Result

Excellent! processed our request successfully. You can use the generated URL to view the result. When everything is set you can then turn this Zap on.

Test Result

Step 8: Source File Output

This is the output of our call. We have renamed the PDF file with our desired file name.


Source File Output
Source File Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to rename a PDF file using and Zapier. You also familiarized yourself with the PDF Filler and learned a trick on how to rename a PDF without changing or adding anything in the file using dummy data.

Video Guide