Merging between PDFs can become a very difficult job if you don’t put in the right tools. In this article, we will demonstrate how you merge two PDFs by using the plugin for Blue Prism. First of all, drag and drop one action here and configure this. We will name this a Merge. In the Business Object select the WEB API Services and in the Action, we will select PDF Merge. This is a very easy-to-use API and plugin.

  1. Identify PDFs to be Merged
  2. Merge PDF with Blue Prism

1. Identify PDFs to be Merged

Now let’s see the Postman collection for this. It is expecting basically one parameter named URL. It is the comma-separated URL of the PDF which we want to merge. Let’s see these, one by one. Here it is having the two PDF. The first PDF contains one page named the kids’ news and here is the second PDF which is having one product table.

Merge PDF with Blue Prism

2. Merge PDF with Blue Prism

Copy the URL and configure it in the Action Properties URL section. Now I need to provide the API key. Copy and paste my API key here. Define some output variables here. The only output variable matters are the URL, name it like Result_url, and create a variable for these.

The configuration has been done and let’s see this in action. Prior to that, I have to link between the start to End and execute it. The execution has been completed and let’s see the resulting URL. It is having a PDF with two pages. The first page contains the kids’ news and the second page contains a product table. This is how easy to use the Blue Prism plugin to merge PDF documents. and Blue Prism Integration

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