In this tutorial we will use the Squarespace New Submission as our sample data. Squarespace doesn’t store the New Form Submissions but instead offers several options on how you can collect the submitted data outside their platform. We will use the Google Drive option and store them in the Squarespace Google Sheet.

Squarespace Storage Options
Screenshot of Squarespace Storage Options

New Form Submissions will automatically be added as a New Spreadsheet Row in the Google Sheet.
Squarespace Submission Google Spreadsheet
Screenshot of Collected Data from Squarespace in Google Sheet

We will use this sample PDF to fill with the New Form Submissions from Squarespace Web Form.
Sample PDF Source File
Screenshot of Sample PDF Source File

Now that we know where our data is collected from and where we will use it, let’s get started.

Step by step guide:

1. First, let’s setup the Google Sheets. Kindly choose Google Sheet as the App and New Spreadsheet Row as the Trigger Event.

Use New Spreadsheet Row As Trigger

2. Next, let’s select Squarespace as the Spreadsheet since that is where we want to store all the New Submissions data and choose Sheet1 as the Worksheet.

Setup Google Sheet Trigger

3. Then, let’s test our Trigger to make sure that our account is configured correctly.

Google Sheet Trigger Test Successful

4. We are now ready to setup the Kindly choose as the App and PDF Filler as the Action Event.

Set PDF Filler As The Action Event

5. Let’s configure the PDF Filler with the Google Sheet data.

    • In the Source PDF field, enter the PDF URL.

I used the Sample PDF that I stored in my File Storage. Check out this tutorial to see how the built-in File Storage works.

    • In the Text Objects field, type in the x and y coordinates, page number, Google Sheet data, font size, and font name separated by a semi-color in this format: x;y;pageNumber;text;fontSize;fontName

You can use the Simple PDF Viewer to easily get the x and y coordinates.

Configure PDF Filler With Google Sheet Data

6. Now, let’s send the PDF Filler data to to Test & Review.

Send PDF Filler To To Test And Review

7. returned a temporary URL to view or download the PDF. Kindly copy and paste the URL to your browser to see the result.

PDF Filler Test Successful

8. Great! We have successfully filled the PDF with Squarespace New Submission data.

Fill PDF Output
Screenshot of PDF Filled With Squarespace Data

In this tutorial we learned how to store the Squarespace New Form Submissions to Google Sheet. We configured the Google Sheet to make the collected data accessible to And, we used to fill a PDF with the New Submissions data.

NOTE: You can set up the next step to save the generated file in Google Drive or Dropbox depending on your requirement.

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