Automated Google Forms to PDF conversion can be a useful functionality if you have loads of forms to process by generating nice and structured PDFs.

Let’s dive into the most comprehensive guide to PDF generation on the entire Internet.

  1. View Job Application on Google Form
  2. See the Google Form Associated with a Spreadsheet
  3. Create a New Zap
  4. Test Trigger and Analyze Output
  5. Proceed with PDF Creation
  6. Configure Anything to PDF
  7. Review the Input HTML
  8. Get the response
  9. Review Generated PDF File from Google Forms


If you’d like to know more about Google Forms’ integrations and how they can speed up your business workflow, just check out this page.

Step 1: View Job Application on Google Form

  • In this demonstration, we are using the Job application Google form, as shown below.

Job Application Google Form

Step 2: Google Form Associated with a Spreadsheet

  • Google Forms can be associated with a spreadsheet in the backend to hold all data. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of PDF generation from Google Forms. We’ll use this spreadsheet data to generate the output PDF. All new rows in the spreadsheet serve as a trigger to process further action.

Job Application Response Spreadsheet

Step 3: Create a New Zap

  • First, create a new zap. We have provided Google Sheets as the input app and New Spreadsheet Row as the trigger. Select Spreadsheet and Worksheet names.

New Spreadsheet Row In Google Sheets Trigger

4. Test Trigger and Analyze Output

  • Now, it is time to Test the Trigger and analyze the output data. Before testing, do add a new Google form input. This new input will add a new row in the spreadsheet that we have configured as a trigger for this zap. The data will look like below.

Found New Spreadsheet Row Data

Step 5: Proceed with PDF Creation

  • Now, let’s move on to the next step, where we proceed with PDF creation. Let’s select as the App and Anything to PDF Converter as the Event.

Set Anything to PDF Converter As The Action Step

Step 6: Configure Anything to PDF

Let’s configure Anything to PDF and fill out the details below:

  • In the Source Type field, the parameter value should be Raw HTML code to convert to PDF.
  • In the Input field, enter an HTML code. It should contain data fields from the spreadsheet such as Name, Email, Phone Number, etc.
  • Finally, provide some meaningful output PDF names in the Name field.

Customize Anything to PDF With HTML Code And Spreadsheet Data

Step 7: Review the Input HTML

  • Before sending the data to, let’s review the generated input HTML along with the target PDF file name.

Send Anything To PDF Converter Data To Test And Review

Step 8: response

  • Here’s the response from It contains fields such as the URL of the output PDF, the total page count of the generated document, etc. Processed Request Successfully

Step 9: Generated PDF File from Google Forms

  • The generated PDF file will look something like this:

PDF Output Of Spreadsheet Data

NOTE: You can set up the next step to save the generated file in Google Drive or Dropbox depending on your requirement.

About Google Forms

Google Forms is a free cloud-based tool that enables users to design reviews, tests, and much more. It’s a section of Google’s web-based app suites such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more. It’s a handy tool that can be utilized for different applications, from collecting RSVPs for an occasion to building a pop quiz.

How to Use Google Forms?

To use a google form, users need a Google account, but they can alter the settings so that anyone can join in, indicating no Google account is needed.

Google Forms distinguishes itself from related online tools through its collection of configurable alternatives. When designing a new form, users have the facility to pick from a range of templates or design their personal. If they wish to create a unique template, they can add their logo and pictures, and observe Google create a design color incubated to match.

If users want to use Google Forms to build a connection form for a website or for some other destination where it’s beneficial to embed the form as an iFrame, then this can be executed simply. For educators, an auto-grading test in Google Forms is an extremely simple method to conserve some time. On the main Google Forms page, they can click the Template gallery and beneath Education, they can choose Blank Quiz to create an auto-grading test.

If users are common users of Google Forms, they apparently already understand that they can pick between saving their results as a spreadsheet or putting them inside the form. Also, if users want to make their form easier for respondents, they can combine various pages by including sections.

Convert Google Forms to PDF – Video