This tutorial will demonstrate how to add text, and images to PDF or fill PDF form fields using the connector for Power Automate Cloud. We’ve already added a custom connector, which we’ll be going to use here.

  1. Create a New Custom Flow
  2. Add a Flow Name
  3. Incorporate Connector
  4. Create Notifications for Output
  5. Test and Run Workflow
  6. Email Notifications
  7. Output

We’ll take this provided sample PDF form and elevate its functionality by incorporating text, images, and completing form fields.

Sample PDF Form
Sample PDF Form

Step 1: Create a New Custom Flow

  • Let’s start by opening your Power Automate account and creating a flow.

Create a New Custom Flow

Step 2: Add a Flow Name

  • Next, let’s create a new custom flow for Fill PDF. Also, let’s make it the Manually trigger flow type. Click on the Create button to get started.

Add a Flow Name

Step 3: Incorporate Connector

  • Then, select the PDF Filler action from the custom connector. Here, we’ll have to provide values to its parameters such as URL, annotation string value, image values as well form field values. These values need to be added in a specific format. For more details please visit the documentation in this link.

Incorporate Connector
Fill PDF with Power Automate

Step 4: Create Notifications for Output

  • Let’s create Notifications for checking output. We will create an email notification with the subject and the output URL in the body.

How to Fill PDF with Power Automate
Create Notifications for Output

Step 5: Test and Run Workflow

  • Proceed with saving flow and get started with testing and executing it.

Test and Run Workflow

Step 6: Email Notifications

  • Now that execution is complete, let’s check the output mail. As we can observe, we can see new email notifications containing a new PDF URL. Click on the URL to view the output.

Email Notifications

Step 7: Output

  • Here’s what the output looks like.

Filled PDF Output

In this tutorial,  you learn how to fill in a PDF document using the connector with Power Automate. You’ll learn how to import the Custom Connector into Power Automate and use it in your workflow. Additionally, you’ll discover how to configure the PDF Filler parameters to improve the quality of your PDF document by adding text, images, or filling out form fields.

Here’s a quick video guide showing how to add text, and images to PDF or fill PDF form fields using the connector for Power Automate Cloud.