In this tutorial, we are going to see how to convert a PDF to text using the Here, we are doing something different. We are having the CURL implementation of these. Curl is basically command line URL and we will see how to use the common line executables and let’s see how to implement that step of the API program here.

How to Convert PDF to Text API

The standard step: we have provided the API keys here. We have provided the source URL or the input file. Let us see what is containing. It is standard invoice file which we’re having and we have not provided the pages because we want to extract all the page to text here.

PDF is not password protected. We leave the password field blank, we have provided the result file name which is result.txt and we are generating the query here for the PDF to text. The API key which one to use here is converted to text, then we have provided parameters like the name of the result file, the password, the pages, URLs.

We are basically going to execute it. The curl represents these executable files curl.exe and we are providing the API key in the headers and we provide the query and whatever the response we get. We want to store it into this response.json file. Let’s get started. When it’s done let us fire up them come from internally.

Convert PDF to Text

Let’s see what we got in the output. It says the code is already running. We test generate or not. Well, it looks like some problem here. Let us fire up directly from here and we are done with these. It successfully processes the file and we got the output here.

Convert PDF

In this URL, let us see what is contenting. It contains all the contents of the PDF file in the text format. This is how easy to have the PDF to text using the


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