How to Search and Delete Text in PDF using and Zapier

Search and Delete Text using Zapier – Step-by-step Guide

  1. Sample PDF File
  2. Add Action Step
  3. Configure Custom API Call
  4. Test Action Event
  5. Test Result
  6. Search and Delete Output

Step 1: Sample PDF File

In this tutorial we will show you how to search and delete text in PDF using and Zapier. We will use this sample PDF and remove the word Notes to demonstrate this functionality. Search And Delete Text API Source File Search and Delete Text API Source File


Step 2: Add Action Step

To begin, let’s choose the as the App and the Custom API Call as the Action Event.


Use Custom API Call To Access All API Endpoints


Step 3: Configure Custom API Call

Let’s configure the Custom API Call action.

  • In the API Endpoint field, enter the Search and Delete Text API endpoint /v1/pdf/edit/delete-text.
  • In the Input JSON field, enter the URL, name, caseSensitive, and searchString parameters’ values.

Configure Custom API Call Module

Step 4: Test Action Event

It’s time to test our configuration. Let’s send it to to make sure that we set it up correctly.

Test Custom API Call Configuration

Step 5: Test Result

Great! processed our request successfully. It generated a temporary URL that we can use to view or download the result. This URL expires after an hour by default. We highly advise that you add another step to store the file in a permanent cloud storage. Generated URL

Step 6: Search and Delete Output

When you open the URL in your browser, your PDF should now look like this. Search And Delete Text Output Search and Delete Text Output


In this tutorial, you learned how to search and delete a specific text in a PDF document using and Zapier. You also learned how to use the Custom API Call to make any endpoint request and add the JSON code in the body.

Search and Delete Text using Zapier – Guide