How to Edit a Scanned PDF File using and Zapier

Step 1: Sample Scanned PDF

In this tutorial we will edit a scanned PDF by adding text, logo, signature, clickable link and deleting a specific text using and Zapier. We will use this scanned PDF Invoice to demonstrate these features.

Sample Scanned PDF Invoice
Sample Scanned PDF Invoice

Step 2: Use PDF Filler

To get started, let’s choose as the App and PDF Filler as the Action Event. The PDF Filler module adds text, images, signatures, fills PDF forms, and creates new PDFs from scratch.

Use PDF Filler To Edit Scanned PDF

Step 3: PDF Filler Configuration

Let’s configure the PDF Filler.

  • In the Source PDF field, enter the source file link.
  • In the Text objects field, enter the text coordinates, page number, text, font size, font name, and the text url if needed. You can write it in this format x;y;pageNumber;text;fontSize;fontName;fontColor;link
  • In the Images field, enter the image for the company logo and signature in this format x;y;pageNumber;imageUrl
Add Text Objects To Scanned PDF
Add Image Objects To Scanned PDF

You can use the PDF Edit Add Helper to easily get the x and y coordinates in your document. You can also use the Make Signature tool to draw your signature and save it as Datauri or download in PNG format. Both tools are available in the Helper Tools in your dashboard.


You can delete specific text in a PDF using the Custom API Call module in Zapier. You can check out this tutorial on how to search and delete text in PDF.

Step 4: Test PDF Filler

It’s time to test the configuration. Let’s click on the Test & Review button to send PDF Filler to and make sure that it’s set up correctly.

Send PDF Filler Test

Step 5: PDF Filler Success Result

Excellent! We have successfully set up the PDF Filler. generated a temporary URL that we can use to view and download the edited PDF.

PDF Output URL

Step 6: Edited Scanned PDF Output

This is now the scanned PDF that we edited using the PDF Filler module. We added a ByteScout logo, a clickable website link, a signature, text in the Notes section, and a text label below the signature. The document can be downloaded to your computer and/or printed right there.

Edited Scanned PDF Output
Edited Scanned PDF Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to add text, images, and links in a scanned PDF. You also learned how to search and delete text in a scanned PDF using and Zapier.