How to Extract Text from Scanned PDF using Zapier

Extract Text from Scanned PDF with Zapier – Step-by-Step

We prepared this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots to teach you how to extract text from scanned PDF using Zapier.

Screenshot of Scanned PDF
Screenshot of Scanned PDF

Start by clicking on Make a Zap! at the upper-left corner of your Zapier dashboard.

Step 1: Setup Trigger, select Google Drive as App Event

Screenshot of App Event
Screenshot of App Event

Step 2: Choose New File in Folder as the Trigger Event

NOTE: For this tutorial, I’m using Google Drive storage. You may also use other cloud storage as your trigger, just look for a similar trigger event.

Screenshot of selecting Trigger Event

Step 3: Select or connect Google Drive account

Screenshot of choosing account

Step 4: Select Drive and Folder

Select My Google Drive as the drive to be used and select the specific folder where the PDF file is located.

Screenshot of choosing Drive and Folder

Step 5: Test the Trigger

We will then Test the trigger to see if there are any errors or none.

Screenshot of Test trigger

We’re now done setting up the trigger for this Zap. Let’s now move on to the action.

Step 6: Setup Action, select as App Event

Screenshot of Setup Action and App Event

Step 7: Choose PDF to Anything Converter as Action Event

Screenshot of Action Event

Step 8: Select or connect account

Screenshot of Choose account

Step 9: Setup Action parameters

Under Setup Action:

  • Set Output Format as Plain Text
  • Choose Web Content Link as PDF URL
  • Set Pages to 0- to select all pages
  • Set a Name if you want the output PDF to have a different name
  • Set Inline to False if you want the output to be a downloadable URL
  • Set OCR Language to the same language as your source PDF
Screenshot of Set up action
Screenshot of Setup Action

Step 10: Test Action

We will now Test the action to check for errors if there are any.

Screenshot of Test action

Step 11: Extracted text output

This is the output of our Extracted text.

Screenshot of extracted text output
Screenshot of output text

In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to extract text from scanned PDF using Zapier.

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