Airtable Application Tutorial

Suppose you need to fill out existing PDF forms and documents contained in the source table, filling them with values from the same source table, and you want to make it in bulk for all records automatically, see in the tutorial how you can do this.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use PDF Filler block in Airtable application. Follow the steps below to see how it can be done using and Airtable integration.

Quick Demo Guide for PDF Filler

Let’s follow the steps below to run the PDF filler block in the Airtable application:

1. Find and install PDF Filler for Airtable.

2. Set API key.

3. Set a table and field you want to work with.

4. Add the needed amount of Text Object fields, and fill them using the template:


Here’s the example below:

20;20;0-;Sample Text</code> or <code>20;20;0-;Sample Text;24+bold+italic+underline+strikeout;Arial;FF0000;;false;120;100;right.

5. Use {{columnName}} to insert data from the record.

Let’s see an example:

10;40;0;{{Start date}}

6. Set output PDF field. The result files will be created here automatically. The new output field will be created automatically also if it doesn’t exist.

Here’s the output PDF example htmltopdf.