Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial we will show you how you can automatically send your Microsoft Lens files to using Zapier.

2. First, let’s take a picture of the file we want to send to Once the image has been taken and you have made the necessary adjustments, tap on the Done button.

3. Microsoft Lens has several storage options that you can choose from. You can either save it in your phone’s Gallery, save it as PDF in your Phone or OneDrive, send it directly to OneNote and/or OneDrive, or save it as Word and/or Powerpoint file in OneDrive. Microsoft Lens Storage Options


4. All files sent to OneDrive as images are stored in the Pictures folder, while files in PDF, Word, and Powerpoint format are stored in the Documents/Office Lens folder.

5. Now, let’s set up our OneDrive account in Zapier. Kindly choose OneDrive as the App and New File as the Trigger Event.


Setup OneDrive In Zapier

6. Next, let’s set up the New File Trigger and choose the Office Lens as the Folder because this is where the PDF file was stored.

Setup New File Trigger For OneDrive
7. Let’s test the Trigger to make sure that our account has been successfully configured.

OneDrive New File Test Trigger
8. Let’s now move on to and add a signature to the Microsoft Lens PDF file. Kindly choose as the App and PDF Filler as the Action Event.

Setup As The App And PDFFiller As The Action Event
9. Then, let’s configure the PDFFiller action.

  • In the Source PDF field, select the OneDrive Download URL to get the Microsoft Lens file.
  • In the Images field, enter the x and y coordinate, page number, and signature URL in this format x;y;page;imageURL. You can easily get the coordinates using the PDF View here.


Configure PDFFiller To Get Microsoft Lens File


10. We are now ready to send our PDFFiller configuration to for Test & Review.

Send PDFFiller Configuration To Test & Review
11. Our test was a success. Kindly grab the temporary URL that generated and paste it into your browser to see the result. Generated A Temporary URL To Review The Output
12. Great! We have successfully signed the PDF file we captured using Microsoft Lens.

Microsoft Lens File Signed Using PDFFiller
In this tutorial, we learned how to integrate Microsoft Lens to using Zapier and OneDrive. We also learned about the different storage options for Microsoft Lens files and how to store them directly to OneDrive in different file formats.

Send Microsoft Lens Files to PDF – Video


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