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In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up the Email by Zapier so you can receive emails directly in your Zap. We will also show you how to convert an email into a PDF and merge it with its attachment into a single PDF using

Step 1 – Set up Email by Zapier

1. First, let’s create a Zap. Choose Email by Zapier as the App and New Inbound Email as the Trigger Event.

Setup Email By Zapier


2. Next, let’s set up the trigger. In the Email Address field, enter your desired Zapier email address. Copy the email address and click on the Continue button.

Create Your Zapier Email Address


3. Then, compose an email with an attachment and send it to your Zapier email address.

4. Let’s test the trigger to make sure that configured it correctly.

Test Email By Zapier Trigger


5. Great! Zapier processed our request and returned the email we sent to our Zapier email address.

Zapier Received Our Test Email

Step 2 – Convert Email To PDF

6. Now, let’s convert our email to PDF using In the next step, choose as the App and HTML to PDF Converter as the Action Event.

Convert Email To PDF Using HTML To PDF Converter


7. In the Input HTML or URL To Convert field, select the Body HTML link from Email By Zapier.

Use The Body HTML From Email By Zapier As Input HTML


8. Let’s send our HTML To PDF configuration to to Test & Review.

Send HTML To PDF Converter To To Test


9. Excellent! returned a temporary URL of the generated PDF. We will now use this PDF as one of the sources in our next step. To see the PDF, simply copy and paste the URL into your browser. Here’s what it looks like.

Email Converted To PDF Using The HTML To PDF Converter


Step 3 – Merge PDF and Zip Attachment

10. We are now ready to set up our third step to merge the PDF and the email attachment into a single PDF. Choose again as the App and the PDF Merger as the Action Event.Use PDF Merger To Merge PDF And Zip
11. Let’s configure the PDF Merger.

  • In the List of Links To Source PDFs, Documents, or Images field, choose the generated URL for the PDF and the Attachment link from Email by Zapier.
  • In the Auto-convert Non-PDF Files field, select True. This will allow us to merge the PDF file and the Zip file generated by the Email by Zapier for the email attachment.

Configure PDF Merger


12. Let’s send the PDF Merger configuration to to Test & Review.Send PDF Merger To To Test
13. Fantastic! Our test was a success. generated a temporary URL of the merged files. You can copy and paste the URL into your browser to preview the Merged Files Successfully
14. We have successfully merged the email and its attachment. Here’s the final output of our Zap.Merged Email And Attachment Using And Zapier
In this tutorial, we learned how to set up the Email by Zapier so we can send emails directly to our Zap. We converted the email to PDF using the HTML To PDF Converter. We merged the PDF and the email attachment that is inside a Zip into a single PDF using the PDF Merger. The PDF Merger can unzip a Zip file and merge specific or all of its contents. It can include and exclude files that are in PDF, XLS, RTF, JPG, and other supported formats.

Send Email with Attachment & Merge into PDF

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