Step by step guide

1. In this tutorial we will show you how to merge Zip, Doc, XLS, PDF, JPG, and PNG files into a single PDF using and Zapier.

We have enhanced the PDF Merger API to take non-PDF documents and output them into merged PDF. Below are the source files that we will show to demonstrate this feature. PDF Merger API Source Files
Images of Mixed PDF and Non-PDF Files
2. First, let’s choose as the App and the PDF Merger as the Action Event.

Use PDF Merger As The Action Event

3. Next, let’s set up the PDF Merger action.

  • In the List Of Links To Source PDFs, Documents, or Images fields, enter the links of the source files. To follow along, please use these links: PDF, Zip, XLS.
  • In the Auto-convert Non-PDF Files field, select True.

Setup The PDF Merger API Source Files
4. We are now ready to Test & Review the PDF Merger.

Send PDF Merger To Test & Review
5. Our test was a success. returned a temporary URL to view the merged files. Kindly copy and paste the URL into your browser to see the result. Generated A URL To View Result
6. Great! We have successfully merged the different file formats into a single PDF. Merged Files Output
Image of the Merged PDF Output
The PDF Merger API can merge mixed files into a single PDF. It also allows you to select files inside a Zip file to include or exclude in the merge. You can do this in the Custom Profiles field using the zipExcludeFilter and zipIncludeFilter.

You can use the wildcards * and ?. Here is the sample format:

{ "zipExcludeFilter": "image4.jpg,License.pdf" } // include PDF, XLS and XLSX files "zipIncludeFilter": "*.pdf,*.xls*", // exclude DOC, DOCX, XLS and XLSX files "zipExcludeFilter": "*.doc*,*.xls*"

In this tutorial, we learned how to merge mixed files into a single PDF. We also explored the include and exclude filter so you can choose specific files to merge.

How to Merge ZIP into Single PDF – Video

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