In this tutorial, you will learn how to merge PDF URLs using Google App Script and

We will use the two-sample PDFs in this demo.

Merge PDF URLs with Google Apps - image 1

To begin, Let’s start by opening the Google Sheets app. Next, add your API key. You can get the API key in your dashboard. Then input the PDF URL separated by a comma.

How to merge PDF URLs with Google Apps Script - image 2

Now add the source code to the app script. Click the extensions menu and choose the app script. After adding the source code, make sure to input the API key in the ‘B1’ cell. The PDF URL should be in the ‘A4’ cell and its output range to before.

How to merge PDF URLs with Google apps script - image 3

Then click the run button to save the project. The program was executed successfully. Let’s check the spreadsheet and merge the PDF URLs. Click the resulting URL to view the output.

merge PDF URLs with Google App script - image 4Here’s the output that we successfully merge into a single PDF. For more tutorials, you may visit our YouTube channel, and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button.

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