Welcome to this session. I have created one extension for Blue Prism. It’s a dominant name in the RPA technology platforms. In fact, Blue Prism introduced the concept of RPA in the very early stages. One of the nice features of Blue Prism is that it provides vast categories of business objects. For example, if you want to work with the file system or in Spreadsheets etc like it is having many business objects and also it is providing a nice way to create your own business objects. I have created this business object for PDF.co to give you a little bit of background about it.

  1. PDF.co Blue Prism Extension Overview
  2. The Web API Plug-in’s Complementary Functions

Blue Prism Overview

PDF.co Blue Prism Extension Overview

PDF.co is an API provided by the BYTESCOUT. Basically, it is an API platform for PDF, Barcodes, data extraction, and data transformation. It provides various endpoints, such as working with the Barcode generation or the reading. It provides the API endpoints if we want to modify the PDF. For example, by adding the text or the images to it or we want to fill out the forms in the PDF, it provides an endpoint for that also. If we want to create a fillable forms PDF, we can create that PDF with this API also.

Apart from that, it is providing various APIs. For example, if we want to merge or split PDF or if you want to convert a PDF to different formats such as CSV, JSON, TXT, XLS, XML, etc, it provides endpoints for them too. In this extraction, we can either convert the whole PDF to this format or we can choose whether this particular page we want to export or we can also fine-tune the input. For example, if we only want a certain region of the PDF to be exported to different formats, we can do that also. It is providing many more features.

The Web API Plug-in’s Complementary Functions

By taking this API, I have created a plugin. Basically, it is a Web API plugin and I have added the actions of converting PDF to different formats. That is PDF to TEXT, CSV, JSON, or the XML and I have provided the different features also like the Merging or Splitting PDF, or adding text or images to PDF or filling out forms. If you want then you can add any of these APIs here also.

Blue Prism Tutorial

I have added here, for example, you can add the new action here by clicking and adding Actions. You can define the input parameters, request template, and URL. The other main thing is to have the API key header here. This API key is used to authenticate your request to PDF.co.

Blue Prism Explained

You can get this API key by creating your account. It started with a very basic price like two dollars a month and you can cancel any time. You can have the API key and get started with these endpoints. If you want to have this plugin, I will add the link to download this plugin so that you can just double click to install it.

PDF.co and Blue Prism Integration

Download BluePrism plugin for PDF.co

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