In this tutorial, we will show you how to parse a PDF Invoice table and save the table items on Google Sheets using Web API and Integromat.

We will use this sample PDF Invoice and parse all the table items. To follow along, you can copy the link here.

  1. Add Parse a Document Module
  2. Setup Parse a Document
  3. Run Scenario
  4. Add Iterator
  5. Add Array
  6. Add Google Sheets
  7. Configure Google Sheets
  8. Re-run Scenario
  9. Google Sheets Output
Source PDF Invoice
Source PDF Invoice

We also prepared a Google Sheet with four headers.

Sample Google Sheets
Sample Google Sheets

Step 1 – Add Parse a Document Module

To begin, let’s create a Scenario and add the Parse a Document module. Parse a Document Module

Step 2 – Setup Parse a Document

Next, let’s set up the module.

  • In the Input File field, select the Import a file from URL option.
  • In the URL field, enter the source file url.
  • In the Document Parser Template ID field, we will use the default ID. If you have a custom template, you can get the ID on the Document Parser page. For more information about Document Parser, please visit this page.

Add Source File URL And Template Id

  • In the Output Format field, select the JSON format.
  • In the Async field, you can leave the default value.

Add Output Format

  • Finally, set the Export Type to JSON Output.

Add Export Type

Step 3 – Run Scenario

Let’s run the scenario and make sure that our output includes a table Array.

Parse A Document Output

Step 4 – Add Iterator

Let’s add a Flow Control Iterator.

Add Flow Control Iterator

Step 5 – Add Array

In the Array field, select table[] from the Parse a Document output.

Add Table Array

Step 6 – Add Google Sheets

Finally, let’s add the Google Sheets Add a Row module.

Google Sheets Add A Row Module

Step 7 – Configure Google Sheets

Let’s configure the Add a Rows module.

  • First, let’s choose the Method, Drive, and Spreadsheet ID.

Choose Spreadsheet File

  • Next, select the Sheet Name.
  • Then, choose Yes for the Table contain headers field.
  • Finally, map the Iterator output with their corresponding Google Sheets columns.

Setup Google Sheets

Step 8 – Re-run Scenario

Let’s re-run the scenario to see the output.

Run Scenario To See Output

Step 9 – Google Sheets Output

Here’s the Google Sheets output.

Google Sheets Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to convert a PDF Invoice to Google Sheets using and Integromat. You learned how to parse the table items using the Parse a Document module. You also learned how to map these table items to their corresponding columns on Google Sheets.

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