Save Outlook Email as a PDF with Attachments

Are you having a hard time converting your saved Outlook email as a PDF with attachments? Web API will help you to make it easier by using Zapier. Below is the step-by-step guide that you can follow.

  1. Create a Zap
  2. App and Event
  3. Test Trigger
  4. Test Trigger Result
  5. Add Another App and Event
  6. Custom API Call Configuration
  7. Test Review Result
  8. Output

Step 1: Create a Zap

First, log in to your Zapier account and create a Zap.

Step 2: App and Event

Next, select the Microsoft Outlook app and choose the New Email for the action event.

App And Event

Step 3: Test Trigger

Then, click the test trigger button.

Test Trigger

Step 4: Test Trigger Result

Once the test trigger was successful. You may now move on to another app.

Test Trigger Result

Step 5: Add Another App and Event

Let’s add another app. Kindly select the app and choose the Custom API Call for the action event.

Add Another App and Event

Step 6: Custom API Call Configuration

Let’s set up the configuration.

  • For Endpoint Path, select the endpoint /v1/pdf/convert/from/email.
  • Next, add the source file URL.
  • Then, input the JSON parameters.

Custom API Call Configuration

After setting up the configuration, click the test and review button.

Step 7: Test Review Result

Once the test is successful, will return a temporary URL. You can copy and paste the URL to view the output.

Test Review Result

Step 8: Output

Here’s the converted email with attachments.

Email With PDF Attachment Output
Email With PDF Attachment Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to save Outlook email as a PDF with attachments using Zapier. You learned how to set up the Custom API Call configuration. You also learned how to use the Web API to convert email as a PDF with attachments.