How to Fill PDF with UiPath and

In this article, we will be reviewing the PDF filler activity here.

Here are the main aspects of this guide:

  1. Configuration of Scope
  2. PDF Filler Overview – UiPath
  3. Integration of and UiPath
  4. UiPath Integration Videos

Configuration of Scope

Including and setting up Scope is necessary for using services. scope provides a generic way of getting your API key as it may be seen below.

Add PDFco Scope

Please mind that all activities, for example, PDF Merge & Split, PDF Filler, PDF to CSV, and others must be performed within Scope. scope contains API key which is used to run the activities, so they should be performed inside the scope. API key is essential to authenticate the request. You can grab the API key upon signing up.

PDF Filler Overview – UiPath

PDF filler activity is used to add text or images to an existing PDF file. This activity can also be used to fill out the PDF forms. Now drag and drop PDF filler to PDF scope. As we see this activity primarily expects a source PDF file either we can provide in the URL format or the absolute path format. Let’s review the other properties of this activity.

The destination file path is the absolute file path of the output PDF file. We can provide the images we want to add to the PDF. If you want to fill out any existing forms fields we can provide it in the PDF form fields and text objects we can specify the text annotations or the text we need to add to the existing PDF. In the output properties, the resulting file URL is the URL of the generated resulting URL.

UiPath PDF Filler

Integration of and UiPath

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