How to Add a Watermark to PDF Files

If you have a business, you really want to add a watermark to your PDF files to avoid stealing. The worst part would be to add a watermark to thousands of PDF files. The good news is that you can actually automate the process using Web API and Zapier.

Here’s a step-by-step guide. We will use this sample PDF invoice for this tutorial and add a watermark to it.

Screenshot of the Source PDF Invoice
Screenshot of the Source PDF Invoice

Step 1: Create a Zap

  • On your Zapier dashboard, click Create Zap

Step 2: Select a Trigger App

  • For this tutorial, we will use Google Drive as our Trigger App
Select a Trigger App


You may use different cloud storage of your choice.

Step 3: Select a Trigger Event

  • For the Trigger Event, select New File in Folder. This will trigger the Zap every time there’s a new file in the selected folder
Select a Trigger Event

Step 4: Setup Trigger

  • Select the Drive and Folder that you’re going to use
Setup Trigger

Step 5: Test Trigger

Test Trigger

Step 6: Select an Action App

  • Search and select as the Action App
Select an Action App

Step 7: Select an Action Event

  • Select PDF Filler as the Action Event. This will be the API that we will use to insert a watermark to your PDF.
Select an Action Event

Step 8: Setup Action

  • For the Source PDF, insert the link where your PDF is located
  • For the Images, insert the X and Y coordinates, the page where you want to insert the watermark/logo, the link to your watermark/logo, and the width and height of the watermark. You can find the coordinates of your PDF with our PDF Edit Add Helper.
Setup Action

Step 9: Test Action

Test Action
Test successful

Step 10: Result

  • Here’s what the result looks like
Screenshot of the Result PDF
Screenshot of the Result PDF

You learned how to add a watermark to your PDF files in this tutorial.