Split PDF with UiPath

In this session, we will reveal the PDF split activity. First of all drag and drop PDF split activity in the PDF.co scope. As you see, like the main inputs are the source PDF file, we can provide either by the URL or the absolute path and the number of pages of which we want to split. Other input parameters are like a destination file path and the prefix which we want to use for the split its output pages. There are other output variables, for example, the Result file URL. This you will get as an array of the string and containing all URLs of the split pages. This can be very useful in a situation like we want to have the online page for the split pages.

Let’s see this in action. I have an input file that is of the four pages long, you can see like page number one is containing the image and the rest of them are the text only. Now get this document file and pasted it into PDF file path. The pages we need to provide the pages in a comma-separated way. For example, if we want to split these into two parts, then in the first part we want page numbers 1 – 2 and in the second part, we want page numbers 3 and onwards.

UiPath Split PDF

We want this output in the folder that we have provided in the destination file path. We also have provided the output file prefix of the generated file. We are all done with the configuration and run it for execution.

Now that our execution is completed, check the output file. Here is part one. It contains the two pages, page one and two. In the second part, it is contained with the two pages of page numbers three and four. This is how easy you can use a split PDF activity.

PDF.co and UiPath Integration

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