Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial we will show you how you can fill a fillable PDF Form template and add text to the PDF with’s data using and Integromat. We will use this sample fillable PDF form template as our source file.

You can also simply add text, images and links to existing PDF by coordinates! Check this and this tutorials.

If you still need to fill in text into Fillable Fields in PDF Forms, please continue below.

Fillable PDF Form Template
Screenshot of Fillable PDF Form Template

2. First, we will use the List Board’s Items in Monday‘s module to get all the task items that we have in a board.

Setup In Integromat

3. Next, in order to fill a fillable PDF form and add text, we will choose the Fill a PDF function in the‘s module.

Setup Fill A PDF In Integromat

4. Now, let’s set up the module.

  • In the Input File field, select Import PDF from URL.
  • In the URL field, enter the fillable PDF Form template link. has a built-in File Storage where you can store your documents and images. I’m calling my source file directly from the built-in File Storage. Check out this tutorial to learn more.
  • In the Fields to Fill, click on the Add item link and enter the page number, text field name, and the Monday data that you want to fill the text field with.
  • In the Text Annotation, click on the Add item link and enter the text, page number, x and y coordinates, font size, font name, and color.

We are now ready to test our configuration. Click on the Run button to see the result.

Add Monday's Item To Fillable Fields

Add Monday Item As Text

5. In here you’ll see the module’s output.

Monday Scenario Result

6. In here you’ll see the module’s output. Copy the output link in your browser to see the PDF result. Scenario Result

7. Excellent! We have successfully filled and added text in the PDF Form.

Filled PDF Form With Monday Item
Screenshot of Filled PDF Form with added Text object

In this tutorial we learned how to fill a PDF Form template and add a Text object with’s data using and Integromat.

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