Nowadays, lots of fast and easy online tools appear. They help to work with PDF files on a daily basis, for example, convert them into different formats, fill in PDF, add a signature, parse invoices and many more tasks.

How you can flawlessly do it? What tools is it better to use?

You will find this information as well as many more curious things in this article. Moreover, you will see how to convert PDF to CSV files online in a few seconds.

PDF to CSV Online

PDF format features

A PDF file(portable data format) is a 7-bit ASCII file that also has elements of binary content.
For example, as well as text and graphics, a few other structural elements might be included:
– annotations;
– form-fields;
– video content and 3D objects;
– layers;

The PDF format is also compatible with digital signatures, metadata, and various file attachments.

CSV format features

A CSV file includes comma-separated values. This type of files keeps numbers and text in plain text. Every single line of the file includes a specific data record. This one usually includes one or multiple fields that are separated by commas. That is why this file format got its name.

How these two can be connected? Miraculously, you can convert PDF to CSV and CSV to PDF. It offers you great flexibility when you need to showcase data in different formats for better analytics and reporting, for example.

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How does PDF to CSV converter work?

The online tool helps you to convert from PDF to CSV as easily and fast as possible. It is as simple as that:

You go to ->

Then choose From PDF in the main menu and pick the required tool allowing you processing PDF to CSV file.

In the tool interface, select how you will visualize the data of your file.

  • From your computer;
  • From DropBox;
  • From URL.

Change PDF to CSV

The program converts PDF to CSV immediately. It doesn’t even show the intermediary step when your PDF file is uploaded on the server.

You will get a CSV output in 10 seconds!

PDF to CSV converter

You can easily see how the document looks like in the preview window. Otherwise, you may hide the preview window and download the document ready, straight away.

All the information is stored under encrypted protection, so it is totally secure to process all kinds of docs.

You are free to use other tools to convert files to and from PDF. The program interfaces are easy-to-use and very handy when you really need to convert fast and to get a structured and high-quality result.

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Check this simple video of how the tool works: