How to Convert PDF Files in Dropbox to CSV via Zapier and

In this article, you will see how to convert your PDF files in Dropbox to CSV format and upload them back to Dropbox using Zapier and

Zapier is an application used to connect various web services together in order to automate different tasks. For instance, with Zapier you can automatically convert your files in Google drive to another format and upload the files back to Google drive., on the other hand, is one of the most commonly used API for PDF, Barcodes, and Data extraction.


Before you execute the steps explained in this article, you must connect your account with You can take a look at this article on how to connect Zapier with

  1. Log in to Zapier
  2. Create a Trigger on Dropbox
  3. Create a Trigger on
  4. Create an Upload Trigger on Dropbox

The following are the steps you need to perform in order to convert PDF files in dropbox to CSV via Zapier and

Step 1: Log in to Zapier

Go to and login with your Zapier credentials.

Step 2: Create a Trigger on Dropbox

Since you will be using to convert the PDF files in Dropbox to CSV format, first you need to connect Dropbox to As a first step, we need to create a trigger that will be fired whenever a new file is added to a particular folder in Dropbox. To do so, click on the “Make A Zap” option from the left bar. In the “Choose App & Event” field, select Dropbox.
In the “Choose Trigger Event” select the “New File in Folder” option. Click the continue button and you will be asked to sign in to your Dropbox account.

Dropbox App

In the “Customize” file section. Select the folder in which you will upload our PDF files that are to be converted to CSV. Whenever a PDF file is uploaded to that folder the trigger will be fired.

Setup Dropbox Trigger

Finally, to test the Trigger, you have to click the “Test trigger” button.

Click the continue button once the trigger is successful.

Test Trigger Result

Step 3: Create a Trigger on

Once the file is uploaded to Dropbox, the trigger will be fired and the newly uploaded PDF file be sent to To invoke functions whenever a new PDF file arrives, we need to create a trigger on To do so, first, you need to select application from the list of applications as shown below:

Zapier Trigger Tutorial

In the “Choose Action Event” field, select “PDF to Anything Converter” and click the “CONTINUE” button. Select your account and click Continue again.

In the “Customize Pdf To Anything” dialogue box, select “CSV (“ Comma-separated-values”) in the output format and select “Direct Media Link” for the PDF URL field. Look at the following screenshot for reference.

Zapier Advanced Tutorial

Finally, to test your PDF to CSV trigger, click on the “TEST & CONTINUE” button as shown in the following screenshot.

Zap Tutorial

Finally, click the “TURN ON ZAP” button to turn on this ZAP.

Step 4: Create an Upload Trigger for Dropbox

Once the PDF trigger converts the PDF file to CSV, the final step is to upload the converted CSV file back to Dropbox. Hence, the next application in the ZAP will be the Dropbox again.

In the Choose App and Event, select Dropbox for App and “Upload File” for the event.

Complete Zapier Tutorial

In the Customize File dialogue box, select the folder to which you want to upload your converted CSV file. In the File field, select Name: XXXXXX. Select “PDF to Anything Converter in” for the “Insert Data” field.  Click the “CONTINUE” button.

Tutorial in Zapier

Finally, to test the Trigger, click the “TEST & CONTINUE” button.

You should see the following Dialogue box if the test is successful.

Zapier Plugin Tutorial

And that’s pretty much it. This is how you can create a ZAP that converts your PDF file in a Dropbox folder to CSV via and then upload the converted CSV file back to Dropbox.


Check this video tutorial about Zapier and integration and follow us on YouTube!

Zapier video tutorial