Send Emails with PDF Data using and Make

This tutorial will show you the process of parsing a PDF document with and Make, then emailing the resulting data via Gmail. For demonstration purposes,  we will use the sample PDF Invoice below, and we will parse the following info: Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Client Name, Subtotal, Sales Tax, and Total.

Sample PDF Invoice To Parse Data
Screenshot of Sample PDF Invoice

Screenshot of Sample PDF Invoice

Step 1: In, Choose “Parse a Document”

We will begin the process by creating a scenario in Make. From the module, we will be picking the Parse a Document function.

Choose Parse A Document Module In

Step 2: Module Configuration

To configure the Parse a Document module, we will be doing the following steps:

  • We will pick Import a File from URL in the Input File field.
  • Next, we will input the source file link in the Url field. To follow along using this PDF Invoice sample, you can use this link.
  • Enter the Template ID in the Document Parser Template ID field. It can be found on the Document Parser Page.
Configure Parse A Document Module

Step 3: Run the Module

Now, it’s time to run the module. The result will display the extracted PDF data. Parse A Document Module Result

Step 4: Choose “Send Email” on Gmail

After having the required parsed data ready, we will select Gmail along with the Send an email module.

Use Gmail To Send Parsed Data

Step 5: Gmail’s Send Email Module

We will set up the Gmail Send email module at this point.

  • Begin by ticking the Show advanced settings check box.
  • Next, input the email address you will use to send the email in the From field.
  • It will be followed by entering the email recipient in the To field.
  • Now, we will enter the Client’s Name in the Subject field. This is to easily identify and differentiate the emails.
  • Finally, we will use the corresponding parsed PDF data in the email body and enter it in the Content field.
Add Gmail Module's To And From Email Addresses
Setup Gmail With Parsed PDF Data

Step 6: See Result

Now, it’s time to run the scenario. Once the request is processed correctly, Gmail will send a Message-ID.

Gmail Send Email Module Result

This is how the email will appear inside the recipient’s inbox. And Gmail Scenario Result
Screenshot of Recipient’s Gmail Inbox

We can also use raw HTML code in formatting the email body.

Step 7: Send Gmail Emails with Data from PDF

Voila! We just learned the simple way of parsing a PDF document by using the Parse a Document module of This tutorial also taught us how to incorporate the parsed data into the email and send it via Gmail.

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