How to Extract Statement of Assets using Document Parser

In this tutorial, we will show you how to extract a Statement of Assets using Document Parser by

We will use this sample Statement of Assets and extract the sub-total value.

Screenshot of Statement of Assets
Screenshot of the Statement of Assets

Step 1: Open Account

First, log into your account and select Document Parser from the API Tools page. Dashboard

Step 2: Create New Template

Click on the Manage Templates button.

Manage Templates

Next, click on the New Template button to create a new template.

Create a New Template

Step 3: Load Test PDF

On your Document Parser Template Editor, click on the Load Test PDF button to load the source file.

Load Test PDF

Step 4: Add Object

After loading the source file, click on the Add Object button and choose the Add Field from Text Search object.

Add Object

Step 5: Set Object Properties

Let’s set up the expression.

  • In the Expression field, type Subtotal{{Spaces}}({{Digits}}) to get the subtotal value. You can use the Insert Macro to fill out the expression.
  • Then, put a checkmark on the Regex box to capture everything inside the parenthesis and display it as a result.
Set Object Properties

Step 6: Run Template

Now, click the Run Template button to see the result.

Run Template

Step 7: Parser Result

Here’s the extracted subtotal value from the Statement of Assets.

Parser Result

Step 8: Save Template and Return

Once you’re done creating the template and getting the desired output. You may now save it.

Save Template and Return

In this tutorial, you learned how to extract a Statement of Assets using Document Parser. You learned how to set up the object properties and extract data from the statement. You also learned how to create a new template using the Document Parser Template Editor.