Convert Images to PDF in Python using Web API

In this tutorial, we will convert Images to PDF in Python using the Web API. We will use the Images to PDF Web API /v1/pdf/convert/from/image endpoint.

Step 1: Download Sample Code

Please download the Python Sample Code for this tutorial!

Step 2: Install the Module Requests

Next, if you haven’t yet, kindly install the requests module. Enter this line:

python -m pip install requests

in your command line.

Step 3: Add API Key

Let’s, open the Python sample code and proceed to line 6. Add your API Key in this line. You can get your API Key in your dashboard.

Step 4: Add Source Files

Let’s add the source files.

In line 12, add the image files you’d like to convert to PDF in an array.
In line 14, enter your desired output filename.

Step 5: Run the Python program!

You can now run the Python program and you’ll find the PDF output in your folder!

In this tutorial, you learned how to convert images to PDF in Python using the Web API. The Web API supports JPEG, PNG, and TIFF image formats. You also learned which part of the source code to change to get you started right away.

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