How to Add Text Annotations to PDF with UiPath

In this tutorial, check how you can add text annotations to PDF using UiPath integration. Here’s a quick walkthrough:

  1. Scope Configuration
  2. Add Text Annotations to PDF with UiPath
  3. and UiPath Integration
  4. UiPath Plugin Video Tutorials Scope Configuration

It is very important to configure Scope in order to run services. It provides a common way to get API key as you may see on the figure below.

Add PDFco Scope

It is important to know that multiple activities such as PDF Split & Merge, PDF to XML conversion, or PDF Filler should be inside Scope. It includes the API key, so PDF activities should be used within it as they all use API key. API key is necessary for authentication of requests.Get your own API key after signing up.

Add Text Annotations to PDF with UiPath

We have already seen how to add images to our existing PDF file. Let’s see how to add text annotations to a PDF file. This tutorial will basically walk you through how to insert text into PDFs.

I already have a PDF file URL added as input. It’s time to add some text objects. Here the first parameters are the X and Y coordinates then the pages on which this text annotation needs to be added.

Then the text which needs to be added, font name, font size, font color, and any link if you want to open then click on text objects whether the added text should be transparent or not that note to be specified.

UiPath Add Text to PDF

I already have one input annotation string. Here 20;20 are the X and Y coordinates. I’m providing the zero to all. Basically, it is a zero-page index. This will be applied to all the pages in the PDF then input text is like the PDF form filled with 24 is the font size, the font name is Arial and we are applying the red color. Here is the link which we have specified. It will be open when we click on this text and it is transparent.

UiPath Add Text Annotations to PDF

Now copy this and add in text objects. Change the destination file path to result_text. I think we are set with the configuration and let’s see it in running. Our execution is completed. We can see the result_text file has been generated and we open it.

We can see our text has been added. If we click, it will redirect us to the website. This is how we can add text annotation to existing PDF files.

Now, you’ve learned how to add annotations to PDF files by inserting text into PDF with UiPath and integration. and UiPath Integration

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