In this article, we will be demonstrating how to split a PDF using the plugin we have got created. First of all, drag and drop action here and start configuring it, named it PDF Split. In the Business Object, we will select the and in the action, we will select PDF Split.

Split PDF with Blue Prism

Now let’s see the Postman collection to get a better idea of what it is containing. Primarily it is containing the Input URL which we want to split. Add this URL to the action properties and review the file how it looks. We can see it is containing the four pages PDF.

Split PDF with Blue Prism

Now go back to see the other important parameters. The Page option basically defines how to split the PDF. For example, in this case, it has defined the two comma-separated values. The first one is 1-2 and the second one 3-end of the pages. It is the one based index, not a zero-based. If you see the documentation in detail, I will include the link to download these Postman collections as well as the link to online documentation so that you will get a better idea. If you want only one page we can always give that and in case we want a different number of pages, we can provide a comma-separated form.

How to Split PDF with Blue Prism

Now copy the page number and configure it in the Blue Prism. Now the only thing required is an API key. Copy and paste the API key. We have configured almost everything. Define the outputs, for the output the main thing is to provide a variable to store the URL which is Result_URLs and it is a type of the collection. I think we are good to go. Let’s see this in action.

Split PDF with Blue Prism Tutorial

I have to draw a link to connect here and now execute it. After execution is completed when we check the current values collections then we can see it is containing two links. The first one is containing data from page 1-2 and the second one is containing data from the 3-end of the page which is page 3 and 4. This is how easy we can split a PDF by using the and Blue Prism integration. and Blue Prism Integration

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