In this video, we will learn how to split PDFs into a Google Drive folder using the Google App script and Here’s the sample PDF in the Google Drive folder. To begin, Let’s start by opening the Google Sheets app. Next, enter your Google Drive folder URL.

split PDF in a Google Drive folder - image 1

Now add the source code to the app script. Click the extensions menu and choose the app script. Inline 4(four), enter the Google Drive folder ID. Inline 7(seven) add your API key. You can get the API key in your dashboard. Inline 15(fifteen) set sharing to anyone with the link to access the folder and has permission to view.

merge PDFs in a Google Drive folder - image 2

Then click the run button. The app script was executed successfully. Let’s check the Google Drive folder to see the result. Here’s the output that we successfully split into multiple PDFs.

split PDFS in a Google Drive folder - image 3


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