In this step-by-step guide, we’ll observe how to configure Power Automate Flow with connector to search text within a PDF document. Let’s start with it!

The first step is to create a New flow and let’s make it of type “Instant Cloud Flow”.

We’ll give a name to this flow and have it manually triggered.

Next, we’ll create a new step. Here, search for PDFco connector and select it. It’ll list various actions supported by the PDFco connector. Choose the “PDF Search Text” action there.

Now, it’s time to configure the “PDF Search Text” action. The following table briefly describes the main parameters of this action.

URL URL to the source PDF document
Search String Text to Search. Can contain regular expressions if the “Is Regular Search” parameter is true.
Is Regex Search Indicates whether the search string is regex format or not.
Pages Comma-separated list of page indices (or ranges) to perform search within.

After filling all parameters, let’s add an email notification of the result.

The output consists of information such as found text, its position (left, right, width, height), page index, etc. This information is in array format, hence we’re sending all notifications for each found result.

At this stage, we’re done configuring flow and it’s time to test it. Save all the steps, and invoke this flow.

As soon as the flow is executed, we’ll receive an email notification containing the found results.

That’s all! It’s that easy to search text within a PDF document with the help of the connector for Power Automate.

Try it out yourself for a better experience!