PDF.co Announces Enhanced Pay-as-you-go Features and User-Controlled Data Encryption for All Plans

PDF.co team is thrilled to announce a significant update to PDF.co, making our platform more accessible and convenient for users across all plans. This update allows users to enjoy a true pay-as-you-go experience, with no subscription required for storing multiple templates or using user-controlled data encryption.

Key features of the update include:

  • User-controlled data encryption and decryption are now available for all plans, including Pay-as-you-go.
  • No subscription plan is required for managing multiple HTML templates, Document Parser templates, and stored files. Users can have as many as they need, with each template or file consuming 1 credit per day per template and 2 credits per file when stored in the built-in PDF.co permanent file storage per day (no credits are required for input files, temporary uploaded and generated output files if any!)*.
  • User-controlled data encryption costs an additional 2 credits per page.
  • User-controlled data decryption costs an additional 2 credits per page.
  • To accommodate these changes, all paid subscription plans have been adjusted to provide +20% more credits for our valued customers.

We are confident that these enhancements will provide an improved user experience and greater flexibility for all PDF.co users. To learn more about this update, please contact our support team.

PDF.co is a powerful API platform designed for PDF, barcode, data extraction, and transformation tasks, boasting over 3000 integrations with popular automation platforms. It is useful for individuals and businesses seeking to automate their document-related workflows, improve the efficiency of their PDF editing tasks, and streamline data extraction and entry processes. It offers unparalleled power and flexibility and is definitely worth exploring.


PDF.co can be used as a standalone API platform, offering users a comprehensive set of features and tools for automating their document-related workflows. Additionally, PDF.co can be seamlessly integrated with a range of popular platforms and tools, including Zapier, Make (Integromat), Airtable, Google Apps Script, UiPath, BluePrism, making it easy to incorporate PDF.co into your existing workflows.

* updated March 29, 2023: initial update incorrectly mentioned that PDF.co files require 1 credit per day. It was corrected that it only applies to files in the built-in PDF.co file storage and that temporary uploaded input and output generated files do not require any additional credits.