In this session, we will be reviewing how to fill out PDF forms with the plugin for the Blue Prism. First of all, let’s see the API which is being used and the need. Here the API, pdf/edit/add, and the field String property which is used to fill out the PDF forms or provide the PDF form filling data.

Fill PDF forms with Blue Prism

The data is being parsed in this pattern. The first parameter represents the page number on which page or on which pages these fields need to be filled out. In this case, we have to provide page number one, but if it is more than one page we can provide this comma separator also or we can provide page number 1-3 or by 1 to all. It’s up to us how we want to provide it. Then it is the field name that needs to be filled and then it is the field value. If you want to fill out more than one field which is open the case we can separate them by the pipe symbol.

Many times we are not aware of the name of the form fields because that is generated by the third-party vendor. In that case, we can use another API to get the list of all the names of the form fields. This API which is PDF forms Info Reader and it will get us all the form fields name. We can utilize it if we are not aware of the name of the fields and we need to fill out. Now that we are aware of the fields to be filled out. Let’s review the URL which represents the Input URL and check what it is having in this case. It is the IRS form and contains all the data.

We will be trying to fill out these fields with another field, which is your social number. In Blue Prism, first, configure the action. Name it PDFfillForm and in the Business Object select Web API Services. PDF Add Text and Images to PDF option is the same action, which we will use. Then copy the input URL from Postman and paste it in the URL section of Action Properties. Same way, copy and paste the fieldString from Postman to Action Properties. I also need to provide the API key. Copy and paste API key also. I have configured all the inputs.

Fill Forms with Blue Prism

Let’s see how to configure the output. The main output we are interested in at the moment is a URL property that will contain the output file URL. Name it like Result_url and create a variable for it. I think we are done with configuring action. Now in the process studio, link from the start to the action and action to end. Then execute the process. After execution has been completed, we will get the output URL.

How to Fill Forms with Blue Prism

Let’s see the file and we are having the name field filled out and also the social number. This is how easy to fill out the PDF forms with the plugin with the Blue Prism. and Blue Prism Integration

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