Export PDF to HTML

Hello! I hope you like my previous articles, and I am here again for you with an amazing very easy tutorial on how to convert PDF to HTML online with PDF.co.

First, let’s have a peek at what is HTML and why it is important to convert PDF into HTML.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.  It’s a standard markup language for documents by creating webpages, these webpages are then displayed in a web browser. While the PDF is the file format used for documents online. PDF files are normally used to keep the documents safe, especially when we need to share them online.

Why we need to convert PDF into HTML

PDFs are the format to store and share information online, and when we build websites the web pages need to be populated with the information that is sometimes stored in PDF documents. Here is the need to convert those PDFs into HTML to be put on the webpages.

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This tutorial will help you understand the required steps for using PDF to HTML converter – PDF.co.

Now let’s start our tutorial.

How to convert PDF to HTML with PDF.co

Step 01

The first step is to open the given link to PDF to HTML conversion online tool.


As you open this link you must have an account to log in on the PDF.co for using the tool.

Step 02

When you open this link, the main screen will be opened like this.

There are many options to choose from, you see these in the figure below. Now we must choose a relevant option “PDF to HTML online”. Click on this option and we will move to the next screen.


Step 03                                                                                                 

When we click on “PDF to HTML online” a new screen will appear like this.

Convert PDF to HTML

Step 04                                                                                                               

Now you must choose a file to convert PDF into HTML. You must choose a PDF file. It won’t accept any other file format.

After choosing a file, you will see options below that there are different types shown. You will select any of them which best describes your file format.

Step 05

When you click on “Choose file” a new dialog box will appear in front of you. You have to choose a file from here like in the figure below.

Convert PDF to HTML Online

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Step 06

After choosing a file it will take some time for processing.

After completion of loading the PDF, the file is converted into HTML. The output will look like this:

Convert PDF File to HTML

Step 07

When the file is converted, there is an option which you click to check how your PDF file is converted into HTML. You can also download your file.

When the PDF file is converted into HTML the output file seems like this:

Convert PDF to HTML Free

Finally, the tutorial on how to export PDF to HTML is completed, and we have successfully converted the PDF into HTML.

Convert a PDF to HTML – Frequently Asked Questions

You can convert a PDF to HTML using our PDF.co online tool. The steps to follow are outlined above, and it only costs one or two credits per page. The cost of the credits drops the more credits you buy at a go. That makes it ideal for personal and business use.

How Do I Convert a PDF to a Link Online?

You can convert a PDF to a link by saving it to the cloud, and then sharing its HTML hyperlinks. Readers can then use the hyperlinks to access the PDF file from a browser.

Some of the popular cloud storage services you can use include Google Drive, Dropbox, and MEGA. You may also choose to convert your PDF to HTML, using our online PDF to HTML tool.

How do I display a PDF in HTML?

You can display a PDF in HTML by converting the PDF to HTML format, using our PDF.co online tool. The entire process involves three mains steps, which are outlined above.

The advantage of converting a PDF to HTML to display it is users won’t need to use a PDF reader to view it. They can use their device browser to access the PDF’s HTML link and view it from any browser.

How do I add a hyperlink to a PDF without Acrobat?

You can add a Hyperlink to a PDF without Acrobat using, by converting it to HTML and uploading it to your site.

You can use our PDF to HTML tool for that, and you don’t need a license for that. Starting with $4.99, you can convert up to 50 PDFs to HTML, for easy hyperlinking. The cost per credit drops even further when you buy the credits in bulk.

An alternative method is to store it in cloud storage such as Google Drive and then share its link. You should make the link accessible to everyone, if you want it to be publicly accessible, by anyone with its hyperlink.

Benefits Converting PDF to HTML

  • HTML files are lightweight, which saves space, and they are easy to hyperlink.
  • Servers can serve HTML files much faster, which is important when accessing them from mobile devices.
  • You can use the HTML files to create a static website, which makes your work easier if you have no time to create a website. All you need is an index page, that hyperlink to each HTML file.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions about our PDF to HTML tool.