How to convert JPG to PDF? How to use PDF files more efficiently? Learn more about PDF format and how to convert it using fast and progressive online tools!

PDF documents represent many kinds of documentation and information material throughout all industries in the world. Contracts, invoices, official forms – they all come in PDF format. Books and newspapers are all stored as PDFs.

It is easy to convert, compress PDF files, add e-signatures, fill forms online, parse invoices and more.

In this article, you will find out how to easily convert multiple JPG to PDF in 10 seconds. 

Why use PDF files?

1. They provide a high level of security
It is vitally important for businesses to keep their security in the harsh online world. Documents in PDF format allow setting a password to protect any kind of information. It also gains the possibility to email the documentation between organizations without losing unprotected data.

2. PDF files are very flexible and compatible
The original PDF is a totally independent piece of data. It is designed with the ability to be stored on other platforms. It can also be altered, improved and transferred.

3. You can easily reduce PDF size
If you convert a document into PDF, it will be compressed by 25% of its original size. That is very handy if you need to transfer it online or send via email.

JPEG format features

JPEG is a commonly known image format which is also used for compression in digital photography.

Here are the main features of the JPEG format:

  • it provides high-resolution images;
  • it is very flexible and compatible;
  • it is very portable and allows good compression.

However, many contracts and forms might also come in JPEG format which absolutely requires them to be converted. When you scan a contract as an image on your phone or laptop, you will need to use an online JPG to PDF converter to get an adjustable PDF file.

So, how do we put together these two formats for greater performance?

In order to convert JPG to PDF online, go to

1. From the main menu, you will be able to choose to PDF -> JPG to PDF

Combine JPG to PDF

2. Now you can choose a way how the data will be uploaded to the program interface. All the information is stored under secure protocol – you have nothing to worry about!

  • pick a file from your computer;
  • drag a file from Dropbox;
  • select any URL where the image is stored.

Combine JPG to PDF in 3 easy clicks.

Free JPG to PDF Converter

3. If option #3 is selected, the image will appear once you submitted a correct URL. Additionally, you can process as many images you like and get a nice PDF output.

Convert JPG to PDF for Free

4. This free JPG to PDF converter online helps you to get a nice full-colored PDF file including 3 images we added. Click on the file to download your document.

Otherwise, scroll the preview, or restart.

There are more options for PDF tools on our website. Every tool has a nice and simple interface helping you to complete a PDF task.  The functionality is super friendly and handy for all users.

Recommend to your friend and get +100 credits for further usage.

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Check the video to see how the tool works: