Send Emails from Gmail with Data Parsed from PDFs by and Make

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can parse a PDF document and email the parsed data using, Gmail, and Make. We will use this sample PDF Invoice and parse the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Client Name, Subtotal, Sales Tax, and Total.

Screenshot of Sample PDF Invoice
Screenshot of Sample PDF Invoice

Step 1: Select “Parse a Document” in

First, let’s create a Scenario in Make. Choose the Parse a Document in the module.

Screenshot of creating a Parse a Document scenario in Make

Step 2: Configure the Module

Next, let’s configure the Parse a Document module.

  • In the Input File field, select the Import a File From URL.
  • In the Url field, enter the source file link. To follow along, you can use this link to try the sample PDF Invoice.
  • In the Document Parser Template ID field, enter the Template ID. You can find it in the Document Parser Page.
Screenshot of module configuration

Step 3: Run the Module

Then, let’s run the module and we should see the extracted PDF data in the result.

Screenshot of running the module

Step 4: Select the “Send Email” Module on Gmail

Now that we have our needed parsed data ready. Let’s choose Gmail and the Send an email module.

Screenshot of selecting "Send Email" module on Gmail

Step 5: Set Up Gmail’s Send Email Module

Next, let’s set up the Gmail Send an email module.

  • First, check the Show advanced settings check box.
  • In the From field, enter the email address you’d like to send the email from.
  • In the To field, enter the recipient’s email address.
  • In the Subject field, let’s use the Client Name to easily distinguish the emails.
  • In the Content field, type in the email body with the corresponding parsed PDF data.
Screenshot of setting up Gmail Send
Screenshot of Subject and Content on Gmail Send

Step 6: Check the Result

Let’s run the Scenario and when it processes our requests successfully, Gmail will return a Message-ID.

Screenshot of Scenario result

This is what the email looks like inside the recipient’s inbox.

Screenshot of Recipient’s Gmail Inbox
Screenshot of Recipient’s Gmail Inbox

The email body can also be formatted using raw HTML code.

In this tutorial, we learned how to parse a PDF document using the Parse a Document module. We also learned how to add the parsed data in the email and send it via Gmail.

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