How to Convert Scanned PDF into Searchable PDF using and Make

We will demonstrate in this tutorial an easy-to-follow process of how to turn scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs using and Make.

For the purpose of discussion, we will use the following scanned PDF document with an image of unsearchable text as a sample source:

Sample Source File
Sample Source File

Step 1: Click “Create A Scenario”

In the top right corner of your Dashboard, click on the Create A Scenario button.

Step 2: Select Google Drive App

Select Google Drive under the New Scenario, if that’s your preferred file storage. If you are using a different cloud storage service, then select that app instead.

Google Drive App

Step 3: Select Download A File

To get the file from Google Drive and use it in the app, we must use the Download A File module.

Download A File

Step 4: Configure Google Drive

At this point, we will be setting up the Google Drive module.

  • Choose Select from the List in the Enter a File ID field.
  • Next, pick My Drive in the Choose a Drive field.
  • Lastly, fill out the File ID field with the specific folder that stores the file.
Create A Connection

Step 5: Use App

Now, we will select as our app when we add another module.

Add Another Module

Step 6: Select Make An API Call

Choose the Make an API Call module under

Make An API Call

Step 7: Configure

Here is the step-by-step process for configuring Make an API Call module.

  • Enter the API endpoint in the API Endpoint Path to activate the Make Searchable function /v1/pdf/makesearchable.
Enter Make Searchable Endpoint
  • Select the Upload Files in the Input Type field.
  • Click on the Add a File button under Input files.
  • Select the Google Drive –  Download a File in the Source file field.
Add The Google Drive Source File


Test the configuration and see the result of the Scenario.

Step 8: Scenario Result

Congratulations! You have successfully Run the Scenario.

Scenario Result

Step 9: See the Searchable PDF Output

The output of the Searchable PDF output would be like the one shown below. We can now search and highlight the text in the PDF.

Scanned PDF Turned To Searchable PDF Output
Scanned PDF Turned To Searchable PDF Output

We’ve learned in this tutorial how to convert scanned PDF into Searchable PDF by using an integration of and Make. We have seen how to call the Make Searchable API endpoint, as well as how to set up Google Drive for fetching files to convert in the app.

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