Extract Images from PDF and Add to Google Slides with PDF.co using Zapier

In this tutorial, we will show you how to extract images from PDF and add them to Google Slides with PDF.co using Zapier.

  1. Create Zap
  2. Trigger App and Event
  3. Test Trigger
  4. App and Action Event
  5. Setup Action
  6. Test and Review Result
  7. Add Another App and Event
  8. Setup Action Event
  9. Test Result
  10. Output

We will use this sample PDF to extract images and add them to Google Slides.

Sample PDF GIF
Sample PDF GIF

We will use this template to create a new slide with extracted images.

Slide Template Presentation
Slide Template Presentation

Step 1: Create Zap

First, log in to your Zapier account and create a Zap.

Step 2: Trigger App and Event

Next, select the Google Drive app and choose the New File in Folder as a trigger.

Trigger App and Event

Step 3: Test Trigger

Then, click the test trigger button.

Test Trigger

Once the test trigger was successful, move on to the next step.

Step 4: App and Action Event

Let’s select the PDF.co app and choose the Custom API Call for the action event.

App and Action Event

Step 5: Setup Action

Now, we will set up the action.

  • In the PDF.co API Endpoint field, click Custom and enter v1/pdf/convert/to/json2.
  • In the URL input parameter override field, select the Web Content Link from Google Drive.
  • Then, enter the code in the Input JSON field.

"url": "https://PDFFileURL",
"inline": true,
"async": false,
"profiles": "{ 'SaveImages': 'Embed' }"

Setup Action

After setting up, click the test and review button.

Step 6: Test and Review Result

Once the test result was successful, you will get a base64 output for the extracted images.

Test and Review Result

Note: Google Slides doesn’t seem to support base64 as an image URL so we need to upload the file as Base64 using our API. Here’s a step-by-step guide https://pdf.co/base64-to-pdf-zapier. Your JSON Input should look something like this:

"file" : "_OUTPUT_FROM_PREVIOUS_STEP_HERE",
"name": "image1.png"

Now, we will add the extracted images to Google Slides.

Step 7: Add Another App and Event

Let’s add another app, select the Google Slides app and choose the Create Presentation From Template for the event.

Add Another App and Event

Step 8: Setup Action Event

  • In the Title of New Presentation field, type in your preferred title for the new presentation to be created.
  • In the Is Shared field set it to True. If you want it to be in private set it to false.
  • In the Template Presentation field, enter the presentation you created from the Google Slides template.
  • For Image1 and Image2 fields, add the output images URL from the uploaded file as base64.

Setup Action Event

Step 9: Test Result

The presentation was successfully sent to Google Slides.

Test Result

Step 10: Output

Here’s the new slide with extracted images.

New Slide with Extracted Images
New Slide with Extracted Images

In this tutorial, you learned how to extract images from PDF and add them to Google Slides using Zapier. You learned how to use the PDF.co Web API to extract images from PDF. You also learned how to set up the Google Slides to add the extracted images.