Scanned PDF to Searchable PDF – Step-by-step Guide.

  1. Create A Scenario
  2. Google Drive App
  3. Download A File
  4. Google Drive Configuration
  5. App
  6. Make An API Call
  7. Configuration
  8. Scenario Result
  9. Searchable PDF Output

In this tutorial, we will show you how to turn scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs using and Integromat.

We will use this scanned PDF file as our sample source. This document only contains an image of unsearchable text.

Sample Source File
Sample Source File

Step 1: Create A Scenario

 First, click on the Create A Scenario button at the top right corner of your Dashboard.

Step 2: Google  Drive App

Under the New Scenario, choose the Google Drive app. This step is optional. If your file is stored in a different cloud storage service, please choose that app instead.

Google Drive App

Step 3: Download A File

Now, choose the Download A File module so we can get the file from Google Drive and use it in

Download A File

Step 4: Google Drive Configuration

In this step, let’s set up the Google Drive module.

  • In the Enter a File ID field, choose Select from the list.
  • In the Choose a Drive field, select the My Drive.
  • In the File ID field, fill it out with the specific folder where the file resides.

Create A Connection

Step 5: App

Next, let’s add another module and select as our app.


Add Another Module

Step 6: Make An API Call

Under, choose the Make an API Call module.

Make An API Call

Step 7: Configuration

Now, let’s configure the Make an API Call module.

  • In the API Endpoint Path field, enter the API endpoint to call the Make Searchable function /v1/pdf/makesearchable.

Enter Make Searchable Endpoint

  • In the Input Type field, select Upload Files.
  • Under Input files, click on the Add a file button.
  • In the Source file field, choose Google Drive – Download a File.

Add The Google Drive Source File

NOTE: Check out the API Documentation for more details.


Now, you can test the configuration and see the result of the Scenario.

Step 8: Scenario Result

Great! You have successfully Run the Scenario.

Scenario Result

Step 9: Searchable PDF Output

Here’s what the Searchable PDF output looks like. The text in the PDF can now be searched and highlighted.

Scanned PDF Turned To Searchable PDF Output
Scanned PDF Turned To Searchable PDF Output

In this tutorial, you learned to call the Make a Searchable API endpoint to convert a scanned PDF into a searchable PDF using and Integromat. You also learned how to set up your Google Drive to fetch your files to use in

Scanned PDF to Searchable PDF – Video