Step by step guide

1. In this tutorial we will show you how to split your PDF file by text search using and Integromat. We will use a 3-page PDF Invoice and split the Invoice every time the engine encounters the word Invoice Number. Below is the image of our sample PDF Invoice. Split By Text Sample PDF Invoice
Image of sample PDF Invoice

2. First, let’s create a scenario in Integromat and choose Once you see the different modules, please select Split a PDF.

Select Split a PDF Module
Screenshot of Split a PDF module

3. Next, let’s configure the Split a PDF module.

  • In the Input File field, please select Import a File From URL.
  • In the Url field, enter the link to the PDF file. To follow along, you can grab the PDF Invoice link here.
  • In the Split by field, please choose Text Found.
  • In the Search String field, type in your text. In our case, let’s enter the invoice number.
  • In the Case Sensitive field, let’s leave it at False to remove case sensitivity. Split PDF Input URL Split by Text Search Settings

4. Then, let’s run the module to test our Split by Text configuration.

5. Great! The engine found the word invoice number in all 3 pages and has successfully split them into their individual PDFs. Successfully Split All PDF Pages With The Word Invoice Number

6. Our PDF Invoice has been split into 3 different PDFs and this is what they look like now. Split By Text PDF Output
Images of the Split by Text PDF Invoice Output

NOTE: All the outputs generated by are stored in temporary URLs and can only be accessed within 1 hour. Once 1 hour has elapsed, the files will automatically be deleted from our server. We recommend that you move the files to permanent cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Split PDF by Text Search – Video


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