PDF.co Released Updates & New Features

PDF.co team of developers is working every day to provide the best quality and make our APIs even more powerful.

Here’s the PDF.co Web API and ByteScout API Server (on-prem) most recent update in February 2022:

1) PDF.co Request Tester

We’re happy to announce that PDF.co Request Tester is now available! The new tool gets the data from documents using a data extraction template. With this API method, you may extract data from custom areas, by search, form fields, tables, multiple pages, and more!

2) PDF.co is now fully open for new experts to apply.

If you are an expert in business automation to set up the PDF.co automation platform, you are welcome to fill out this form and start your journey as a PDF.co expert.

As a bonus, you will get 150,000 free credits to your account and more clients looking for automation experts. The listings are totally free!

3) Japanese language is supported

Japanese is now supported in PDF to CSV/JSON/XML/text and in Document Parser. If you use scanned documents, then click on the Template Options button and select Japanese as OCR language. You can also add Japanese text using pdf/edit/add.

4) New Default Templates for PDF Creation

HTML templates were enhanced with new default templates such as invoice with auto calculations of the total, tax, and subtotal and full feature invoice template with multi-page tables, reparable header, and footer, conditional logic inside pages.

HTML templates now have a built-in barcode generator! There’s no need for a separate barcode generator step. Just insert special macros [[barcode: QRcode 12345]] and it will generate a barcode image when creating a PDF.
See the new templates in action!

5) WebP Support for PDF to Image

WebP support for PDF to Image and PDF to HTML. WebP provides almost 5-10x lesser size with the same quality as other image types. Check out PDF to WebP endpoint.

6) PDF to JSON Meta

PDF to JSON Meta – a new API function that creates JSON with meta formatting information such as styles and data types for every text object. It is quite useful if you need to analyze the document and find parts of the document.

7) Bubble API Connector

PDF.co and Bubble integration were already available. But now you can parse data from PDF using the Bubble API connector method. Learn more in this tutorial.


Check out ByteScout SDK updates in the blog article.