In this tutorial, we will show you how to read an EAN13 barcode using and Integromat.

  1. Create a Scenario
  2. Google Drive Module
  3. Download a File
  4. Google Drive Configuration
  5. App and Read a Barcode module
  6. Read a Barcode Configuration
  7. Add Flow Control Module
  8. Add Array
  9. Barcode Result

We have a PDF document with different types of barcodes. We will narrow down the barcode decoding to only return the values from an EAN13.

Sample Barcode PDF
Sample Barcode Of EAN13

Step 1: Create a Scenario

  • To begin. First, log in to your Integromat account and click on the Create a Scenario button at the upper-right corner of your dashboard.

Step 2: Google Drive Module

  • Next, search and select the Google Drive module.

Google Drive Module

Step 3: Download a File

  • Then, select the Download a File module.

Download a File

Step 4: Google Drive Configuration

Let’s set up the Google Drive configuration.

  • For the Enter a File ID field, choose Select from the list to see the available folders from your Google Drive.
  • For the Choose a Drive field, select My Drive.
  • For the File ID field, enter the specific folder where your files reside.

Google Drive Configuration

Now, let’s add another module.

Step 5: app and Read a Barcode module

Next, select the app for the App Event and choose the Read a Barcode module to read barcodes from images, PDF documents, and scanned documents. app and Read a Barcode module

Step 6: Read a Barcode Configuration

Now, let’s configure the Read a Barcode module.

  • In the Input File field, select the Upload a file module to fetch files from your storage.
  • In the Source File field, enter the Google Drive – Download a File.
  • In the Barcode Type field, select the EAN13 barcode to identify the items.
  • Pages field, type 0 for the first page.

Read A Barcode Configuration

Now, Let’s add an Iterator step to return the Barcode value as a bundle. This way users can map the Barcode value in the next module.

Step 7: Add Flow Control Module

  • Kindly click on the Flow Control module and select the Iterator to return the barcode value as a bundle.

Add Flow Control Module

Step 8: Add Array

  • Under the Array, select the resulting URL from

Add Array

Once you’re done setting up, click on the run button.

Step 9: Barcode Result

Great! returned the EAN13 barcode value as a bundle. Kindly copy the URL and paste it into your browser to view the output.

Barcode Result

In this tutorial, you learned how to read the EAN13 barcode using and Integromat. You learned how to set up the Read a Barcode module to only search for a specific type of barcode. The EAN13 is an efficient barcode for high-volume scanning in supermarkets. It can also use for trade units sold to the consumer.