We prepared this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots to teach you how to extract text from scanned PDF using Integromat.

  1. Create a Google Drive module
  2. Choose Download a file
  3. Setup the Google Drive module
  4. Create a new module for PDF.co
  5. Choose Convert from PDF
  6. Setup the PDF.co module
  7. Run scenario
  8. Get the output link
  9. Extracted text output
Screenshot of Scanned PDF
Screenshot of Scanned PDF

Start by going to the Integromat Scenarios Interface. Click Create a New Scenario.

Step 1 – Create a Google Drive module

Creating a google drive module

Step 2 – Choose Download a file

NOTE: For this tutorial, we’re using Google Drive as our cloud storage. You may use other cloud storage that has a similar option as this.

Choosing download a file

Step 3 – Set up the Google Drive module

  • Select a connection for Google Drive
  • For Enter a File ID combo box you can choose either Select from the list or Enter manually
  • Choose My Drive as the drive to be used
  • Select the folder and the file that you’re going to use

Setting up the google drive module

Step 4 – Create a new module for PDF.co

Choosing PDF.co as the other module

Step 5 – Choose Convert from PDF

Choose convert from PDF

Step 6 – Setup the PDF.co module

  • Select a connection for PDF.co
  • For Input File combo box you can either choose Upload a File or Input a File from URL
  • For the Source file, you can choose either Google Drive – Download a file or Map manually
  • For Convert Options choose PDF to CSV
  • For the Pages, you can leave it blank if you want all of the pages to be extracted
  • Set Inline to true if you want the extracted data to be displayed automatically, set it into false if you want to get a downloadable file

Setup the PDF.co module

Setup the PDF.co module

Step 7 – Run Scenario

Runs the scenario

Step 8 – Get the output link

If there are no errors, you can now check your output link

Get the output link

Step 9 – Extracted text output

Screenshot of output text
Screenshot of output text

In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to extract text from scanned PDFs using Integromat.

Extract Text from Scanned PDF using Integromat – Video Guide