In this tutorial, we will show you how to extract an email address in a PDF using and Integromat. To demonstrate, we will use the sample PDF invoice with the email address below.

  1. Add Module
  2. Setup Module
  3. Parser Output
  4. JSON Result
Source PDF Invoice With Email Address
Source PDF Invoice with Email Address

Step 1 – Add Module

First, let’s create a Scenario and add the Parse a Document module.

Add Parse A Document Module

Step 2 – Setup Module

Next, let’s set the module.

  • In the Input File dropdown box, select the Import a file from URL option.
  • In the Url field, enter the source file link. You can download the sample PDF Invoice here.
  • In the Document Parser Template ID field, type in the Template Id. You can copy the template here and save it in the Document Parser page to get the ID.
  • In the Output Format dropdown box, choose the JSON format.

Configure Parse A Document Module

Then, run the Scenario.

Step 3 – Parser Output

Great! generated the output JSON URL. You can also view the extracted email address when you expand the Body and Objects Value.

Parse A Document Parser Output

Step 4 – JSON Result

Here’s the extracted email address in the JSON output.

Email Address Inside JSON
Extracted Email Address Inside JSON

In this tutorial, you learned how to extract an email address in a PDF using and Integromat. You learned how to set up the Parse a Document module to get your expected output. You also learned how to create the template and get its ID.