Uploading and converting

How to Resize a PDF file with Online Compressor

The size of computer files is often very small. This is desirable, as many sharing services have file size limits. Small files also save data storage space. You can learn how to resize a PDF file that’s too large.

How can I condense a PDF file offline?

One way to make a PDF file smaller offline is to condense it with existing software on your computer. For example, the basic process for how to reduce PDF file size in Adobe Reader or Mac Preview is.
  • Open your software.
  • Open the PDF.
  • Choose “Save as Other” or an export option.
  • Look for an option allowing you to reduce the PDF size as you save.
  • Save the compressed version of your file.

How can I downsize a PDF file over the Internet?

If you need to know how you can reduce PDF file size online, look for a compression service. These companies all work roughly the same way. You visit the provider’s website and upload the file. The provider condenses the file for you during uploading. Here’s how to reduce PDF file size online through PDF.co.
  • Visit PDF.co.
  • Choose the Compress PDF Online option on the homepage.
  • Choose the PDF file you want to compress. PDF.co lets you find files from your computer, Dropbox or website URLs. But some services that teach you how to reduce PDF file size have more limited capabilities.
  • Download the compressed version of your file.
When done, rename the compressed file if the service named it like the original. This will let you more easily tell the files apart. Do not delete your original PDF until you’re sure it’s safe.

Other options

In some cases, you can reduce PDF size by converting it’s format (e.g., to .jpg). Splitting a PDF works if compression or conversion still doesn’t create a small enough file.