Compress PDF Online

The size of computer files is often very small. This is desirable, as many sharing services have file size limits. For instance, when submitting documents during visa, university, or job applications to certain websites there might be specific upload limitations that the documents must meet. 

Small files also save data storage space, both on the cloud and on the computer’s memory. Large files might even affect your bandwidth. You can learn how to resize a PDF file that’s too large without affecting the quality of the document.

Resizing PDF

The resizing or compression means that you resize the file to make it smaller in disk space size, which allows you to save more space and helps manage your files easily. This becomes helpful when you have a very large number of PDF files and you are facing a problem of running low on disk spaces.

To effectively resize a PDF file without compromising the quality you need to check the DPI of the document. DPI is defined as the dots per inch and it is a measure of spatial printing, video, or image scanner dot density in the precise number of individual dots that can be placed in a line within the span of 1 inch.

Why is this important to know the DPI? The DPI serves as the measurement for quality.

Computer programs such as Photoshop can be used to adjust the DPI level on any PDF or JPEG file. Documents that are 72 DPI are low quality and might even be blurry or fussy when you zoom into them. However, these documents take up very little storage space. Documents over 300 DPI are very high quality for both printing and viewing however certain scanners have the ability to scan documents up to 600 DPI or even 1200 DPI. The higher the DPI the higher the storage space.

Why it is necessary to resize the PDFs?

Well for this answer I would like you to suppose there is a bool of 1000 pages or more and you want to share it with your friends, colleagues or anyone else. You have been faced the issue where most of the email management software’s like Google’s Gmail doesn’t allow you to attach documents that are more than 25 MB, then how you will send it, and the question comes in your mind is how can I downsize a PDF file or how can I condense a pdf file.

One option Google suggests is to upload the files to Google’s cloud service and attach it as a weblink. Though this might be a helpful suggestion, it has its own drawbacks, for example, your cloud storage might be full. Don’t worry, we have come to rescue you here. is an online tool which provides a lot of features along with a feature to reduce the size of PDF’s.

How can I condense a PDF file offline?

One way to make a PDF file smaller offline is to condense it with existing software on your computer. For example, the basic process for how to reduce PDF file size in Adobe Reader or Mac Preview is.

  • Open your software.
  • Open the PDF.
  • Choose «Save as Other» or an export option.
  • Look for an option allowing you to reduce the PDF size as you save.
  • Save the compressed version of your file.

However, an alternative option would be to do it online. That way you can send the documents even if you’re not on your personal computer or you are using someone else’s.

How can I downsize a PDF file over the Internet?

An advantage of using online services to reduce the size of large PDF documents is that there is no need to installing special software, especially when working on a computer you have temporary access to or if you do not want to purchase new software.

If you need to know how you can reduce PDF file size online, look for a compression service. These companies all work roughly the same way. You visit the provider’s website and upload the file. The provider condenses the file for you during uploading. Here’s how to reduce PDF file size online through

  • Visit
  • Choose the Compress PDF Online option on the homepage.
  • Choose the PDF file you want to compress. lets you find files from your computer, Dropbox,, or website URLs. But some services that teach you how to reduce PDF file size have more limited capabilities.
  • Download the compressed version of your file.

When done, rename the compressed file if the service named it like the original. This will let you more easily tell the files apart. Do not delete your original PDF until you’re sure it’s safe. This service is smooth, seamless and only takes a few minutes.

Other options

In some cases, you can reduce PDF size by converting its format (e.g., to .jpg). Splitting a PDF works if compression or conversion still doesn’t create a small enough file.

It is also possible to merge PDFs documents online in such a way that the resulting document has a smaller storage size when compared with that sum of the individual documents.

Alternatively, rather than resizing the document, you can utilize computer file transfer services such as Wetransfer or SendSpace. These services are either usually free and allow you to upload as many files without disk space limits or have very generous space limitations on their free versions, sometimes up 2 GB. They are not limited to PDFs, they allow an easy way to send and receive any large files like photos and videos too.

Check this video for a full Compress PDF tutorial:

Following this tutorial, you will learn how to reduce pdf file size online using our tool

Now let’s start our tutorial. This is a very short and simple tutorial.

First, you will open this link.

When you open this link, a new window is opened on your screen which looks like this:

Compress PDF

When this window is opened the next step, we will do is to click on “choose file” you can also drag and drop your file. You can also choose to select a file from Dropbox or select the file from URL.

After clicking, a new small window is opened on your screen which looks like this:

Compress PDF Online

When we choose a file which we want to compress and hit open. After the file selection, it takes some time to process the file.

When processing is complete the PDF file will be displayed on the screen like this:

PDF Compression

After this, we will see clearly that on the top mid of the window a red highlighted link is shown to download the compressed file (picture above).

When we click on the link a new window is opened in which PDF file is shown, this is the compressed file you can download.

PDF Compressing

Finally, we have compressed the PDF file. I hope this tutorial will help you.