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Andrew Silva

Andrew Silva - Support Sidekick

Location: United States

3rd Party Software Support for apps like Zapier, Integromat (Make), Airtable,, Quickbase, Zoho, Salesforce, Eledo PDF,, and many more.

Skills: Web API, Airtable, Integromat, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, Workato, Zapier



Phone: 6159554022 Project Showcase

Client/Project Industry


Client Name

Backflow Testing Services, INC

Company Size

11-100 employees.

Project Summary

Our client is a major backflow testing plumbing service in the Chicago area. They needed a way to produce PDFs that they could print for their backflow tests. We used Quickbase as the data entry portal. The data was entered and based on the municipality that the test was performed in a PDF was filled for each test and all of the tests are merged into a single printable PDF they can present to their clients and the municipality.

Project Goals

The goal is to be able to quickly produce PDF Printouts in up to 7 different formats for backflow test results.

Project Challenges

The only challenge was mapping the data into 7 different formats when each PDF had over 30 fillable fields. is used for

We used for the data fill, file hosting, and merge API endpoints. We host blank versions of all 7 of the different PDFs with, retrieve the blank, fill the blank, iterate through multiple tests, and then merge them all into a single PDF. Results

The previous solution was fully custom coded via PHP and hosted on wordpress. This made any minor change to the data and/or PDF files a major hassle to update. With we can make changes a few times a year very easily. This will save the client in development expenses down the line.

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Phone: 6159554022